Lamm Gardens Photographer Policies

Photographs are a wonderful way to keep memories of your special day, to gather family, or to mark some of life's milestones. Lamm Gardens is honored to be here to provide beautiful backdrops for your memories and photos. We have a variety of natural areas to choose from: two historic bridges, several gazebos, a stone arch, water areas, historic buildings and more.

Contact us with your date & time

Please call (262) 677-3010 or email us at to arrange a time you would like access to the areas for photographing. Our grounds are available for photography sessions during our normal business hours. Special arrangement may be possible at the discretion of the management.

Day of arrival

Please stop and register on the Photographer's Log in the Garden Center store. Let the staff know you have arranged to take photos; they will let you know if there are any additional directions for that day.

Be respectful

Please be respectful of weddings and events that are happening on our grounds. This is their special day. As a rule we will not allow photography sessions when the grounds are reserved for a wedding or other event. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times. Please be respectful of the plantings, buildings, decorations and structures as well as our customers and guests. Smoking and pets are prohibited.

Bring your own props

Retail merchandise is not available to move or use in photographs. You may bring your own props if needed.

Supervise children

Children should be supervised at all times to ensure their safety.

No alcoholic beverages

In compliance with Town of Jackson Ordinance, carrying-in of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in all areas.


Lamm Gardens, LAMMSCAPES! and John Lamm of Jackson, Inc. is not responsible for loss, theft or damage of any personal property. Valuables should be secured by guests.

Photographer Information

By providing my wireless phone number to Lammscapes!, I agree and acknowledge that Lammscapes! may send text messages to my wireless phone number for any purpose, including marketing purposes.
Please sign and date this form. Upon payment, you will receive a card authorizing the use of the grounds.


2708 Sherman Road, Jackson, WI 53037 • • 262-677-3010